Chalk Box, Inc

1321 S. 22nd Street
Quincy, IL 62301



Catering to the Businessman, Resellers, and Promoters

1. Very functional because of the large hole on top; easy to brush the chalk on the tip.  Also helps keep the chalk dust off the rails.


2.  Can be used as a complimentary giveaway to the customers when purchasing a cue.


3.  Excellent advertising that keeps our phone # & name close to the person using the Chalk Boxes.


4. Very reasonably priced.


5. Chalk Box's management makes it very easy to reorder each time.


Thank you very much.

Carl Galanto

Classic Cue Billards

Depew, NY


Custom Imprinting Available

Custom Logo Available

Billiard Designs

Solid Colors


Dealer Inquiries



Supplied  Quantity  36

Display Card included


The Chalk Boxes goes out of here with every cue stick & pool table we sell.  We also sell them over the counter for people that want them.

Eddie Leyanne

Eddie's Amusement

Flint, MI

Durable product

Attractive look

Priced Competively

Sir Joseph, Inc

Wake Forest, NC